Sleep Fitness

Sleep is a crucial part to any optimization strategy. Just like weight-loss peptides, NO amount of medication can ever cure bad sleeping habits. Besides developing sleep hygiene or “sleep fitness” habits, this peptide is a perfect add-on to enhance qualitative sleep, not just quantitive sleep.


DSIP – injectable form
9 amino acids & half-life varies

DSIP stands for “Delta Sleep-Inducing Peptide,” which is a naturally occurring peptide in the body. DSIP was originally isolated from the brain’s hypothalamus and has been found to play a significant role in sleep regulation and quality of rest. Studies also show DSIP’s effects in addressing stress and anxiety, by affecting neurotransmitters and stress-related hormones. Last, it has also shown to normalize blood pressure and myocardial contraction for complete restorative sleep.

Here is a study about the benefits of DSIP by PubMed Central (PMC)
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