Who Are We?

We are a health optimization and longevity medical practice.

How Do We Do It?

By addressing the hallmarks of aging through our Tier System which is our therapeutic blueprint to take someone to the top of the wellness vortex.

What Do We Do?

We maximize your human performance by optimizing nine key components within the wellness vortex, that incorporate your nutritional habits, consistent exercise, sleep routine, personalized genomic stability, cardiovascular health, gut integrity, a customized hormone-peptide-supplement program, mindset, and spiritual connection. We do this by addressing the hallmarks of aging through our tier system, which is a meticulously crafted therapeutic blueprint designed to elevate individuals to the pinnacle of the wellness vortex. Our tier system serves as a comprehensive medical framework, scientifically engineered to navigate patients through the essential elements of holistic well-being.

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My experience with Dr. Sienna and Janik has been absolutely amazing! The service provided, treatment solutions, and knowledge shared is like no other experience I have had before at a medical office. My husband, my daughter and myself all utilize their services and we are so grateful to have found MHI.
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Best place if you are serious about your health, customized reviews, very talented team, been working with them for over a year and the improvements are noticeable not only for me but everyone around. Working with Janik has been genuinely a pleasure, professional and attentive all the time on the follow ups and conversations.
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Since turning 40, I've been getting consultation from MHI and it's a classy operation. My doctor is stellar, I get great support and check-ins regularly from my dedicated Wellness Coordinator. They send research papers and news articles that are useful all the time. I feel, move and know I'm in my prime.
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I have to say MHI is one of the best personal healthcare facility.They take the time to explain your lab work and take your healthcare to the next level, if you are looking to improve your health this is where you need to go for hormones and optimization, for better living as you age.

Our Process Made Simple

Concierge Lab Service

Skip the hassle of driving and waiting in line! Our team will come to you providing you with a five-minute “in-and-out” blood draw. You can expect your results to be ready for review in approximately 4-5 days.

Personalized Doctor Consultation

Meet with one of our specialized M.D.s to dive into your results. During this phase, you’ll gain insights into crucial biomarkers and the current status of your health. Equally important, you’ll discover optimization strategies for lasting transformation. This is also the perfect opportunity to open up about your individual symptoms, ask questions, and address any concerns you may have.

Tailored Optimization Plan

Your optimization treatment plan is meticulously crafted, taking into account your biomarkers, individual symptoms, and long-term aspirations. After finalizing your consultation, our dedicated wellness coaches will work closely with you to develop a plan that aligns with the doctor’s recommendations and seamlessly integrates into your lifestyle

Optimization & Longevity Specialists

We are a lifestyle & longevity company. Our mission is to help you increase your human performance and be the best version of yourself.  Our commitment to you is grounded in evidence-based strategies that have been proven effective, logical, and safe by the world’s leading scientists and medical institutions. More than just practitioners, we are your partners on this journey. With more than 30 years of experience, our team brings not only cutting-edge science and expertise, but also a personable and practical approach to help you maximize your potential as a human being.

Our guiding philosophy and approach are to address the “10 hallmarks of aging”. Through our evidence-based M.H.I. Tier System, which uses lifestyle modifications combined with hormone optimization, peptide therapy, targeted supplementation, gut restoration, along with reducing daily toxic EDCs and EMF exposure; we can diminish the speed, and therefore the impact of the 10 factors science has shown that age you and kill you the fastest. Call it “anti-aging” 2.0.

The Hallmarks Of Aging

Unfortunately, very few ‘anti-aging’ clinics will teach you about these crucial hallmarks which deeply affect our longevity and quality of life. Throughout both our personal and professional journeys, we’ve dedicated ourselves to understanding and unraveling the aging process. It was this deep dive exploration into advanced health optimization science that led us to what is now known as the 10 Hallmarks of Aging.

Thanks to the remarkable advances in technology in the field of molecular science, we now possess the knowledge and the tools to improve the quality of our lives in all the areas that matter the most. Imagine having the ability to reverse engineer the fundamental processes underlying most, if not all, age-related conditions as we currently understand them: from mitochondrial dysfunction and genomic instability, to cellular senescence, stem cell exhaustion, chronic inflammation, telomere attrition, deregulated nutrient sensing, loss of proteostasis, altered intracellular communication, and epigenetic alterations, among others.

Science has spoken: a “good diet”, a little exercise, and a couple of ‘off-the-shelf’ vitamins just won’t cut it anymore. We understand that. Through this extraordinary marriage between knowledge and technology, our carefully crafted M.H.I. Tier System, we will help you navigate the science of  “anti-aging” without the fluff or flashy promises.

Our Services

Browse our many treatments that combat the effects of hormone loss and imbalance. We are always happy to provide more detailed information.

Hormone Optimization
Precision hormone optimization is one of our fortes, providing specialized solutions for both men and women. The scientific evidence is unequivocal: both menopause and andropause lead to serious consequences such as metabolic disorders, cardiovascular diseases, strokes, cancer, osteoporosis, dementia, Parkinson’s, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and more. Hormones transcend mere aesthetics – they are the cornerstone of longevity and a vibrant quality of life.

Peptide Therapy
Peptides are short chains of amino acids (the building blocks of life) which serve as precise cellular messengers delivering detailed instructions for targeted functions. Much like software code, peptides empower cells to optimize their efficiency and productivity. In the realm of precision medicine, peptides are the key to unlocking the full potential of your body’s cellular machinery.

Targeted Supplementation
In a world where over 80% of essential nutrients and trace minerals have been depleted from global soils, relying solely on food falls short of meeting our daily needs. Furthermore, as we age, our bodies’ requirement for these vital and essential elements increases. Without these essential nutrients, our cells simply cannot perform their jobs properly. Targeted nutritional supplements form the bedrock of cellular function and communication.

Sexual Wellness
As we journey through life, the natural aging process can sometimes affect our sexual well-being. True longevity cannot come full circle without dedicated nourishment to the one area in life that brings us the deepest amount of happiness and fulfillment. Our intimate relationships provide the flavor for a full life.

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Hormone Optimization

Sexual Wellness

The 10 Hallmarks Of Aging


Genomic instability refers to errors caused by damage in our DNA due to wear-and-tear, environmental factors like free radicals, or just the natural progression of aging . As these DNA repair mechanisms begin to break down with time, this increases the likelihood of mutations and diseases such as cancer.

Telomere Attrition

Telomeres are the protective caps on our cells. Think of them like the protective tips on the ends of shoelaces. Just as these caps keep shoelaces from fraying and unraveling, telomeres protect the ends of our chromosomes and help maintain the stability of our genetic information during cell division. Over time, as cells divide, telomeres naturally shorten and erode, which is akin to having laces that are too short to tie the shoe properly. This erosion limits our good cells’ ability to divide and multiply properly, contributing to the process of aging and various health issues.

Epigenetic Alterations

Epigenetic alterations refer to the changes in the way our genes are turned on or off, influenced by our modern environment and technology. Factors such as EMF’s, EDC’s, pollution, processed diet, and stress impacts our epigenome, disrupting the balance in our biological systems.

Loss Of

As we age, our body’s ability to maintain the balance and proper functioning of proteins begins to falter. Think of it as trying to assemble an intricate puzzle with pieces that are bent, warped, and therefore don’t have a tight fit. Naturally, this would disrupt the ability to come up with clear and flawless picture. Similarly, the accumulation of misfolded or damaged proteins disrupts the overall functioning of our body, contributing to various age-related health problems.

Deregulated Nutrient

Deregulated nutrient sensing refers to when cells lose the ability to efficiently manage and distribute nutrients. Picture the cell as a highly skilled chef who, in youth, orchestrates a well-organized kitchen team to create and deliver intricate dishes ordered by guests. However, as the chef ages, this organization falters, efficiency decreases, and mistakes like repeatedly serving the wrong plates to guests become common. This disruption mirrors what happens in aging cells, leading to various negative health conditions.

The mitochondria are known as the ‘powerhouses’ of cells, tiny energy producing factories inside every single cell in your body. Together, they are responsible for 95% of your body’s energy production. As we age, the mitochondria begin to lose fuel, much like a power plant working with reduced electricity and power. This leads to a significant decline in the cell’s ability to generate energy, impacting vital functions such as pumping your heart 100,000 times a day, often without  you even realizing it. Mitochondrial dysfunction results in reduced efficiency in these essential functions, all of which carry serious health consequences.
Cellular Senescence

In the normal cell cycle, cells are born, perform their job, and then naturally die to make room for new cells. However, as we age, this process begins to malfunction. Cellular senescence refers to when cells no longer die when they should, causing harm to neighboring cells. Think of it in terms of the old idiom “One bad apple spoils the bunch”. In your body, these toxic ‘zombie-like’ cells wreak havoc and disrupt vital bodily functions.

Stem Cell Exhaustion

Stem cells, often referred to as ‘master cells,’ are unique in the body due to their remarkable ability to develop into various specialized cell types, contributing significantly to tissue and organ repair and regeneration. Stem cell exhaustion occurs when these ‘master cells’ become depleted and lose their unique regenerative capacity. It’s akin to running out of your master repair workers, resulting in a sharp decline in the body’s maintenance and recovery functions.

Altered Intercellular Communication

When we’re young, our cells maintain remarkable communication skills that seamlessly orchestrate millions of bodily functions. However, as we age, disruptions in this tight information exchange between cells begin to occur. It’s like two grumpy old men screaming at each other without their hearing aids – this breakdown in cell-to-cell communication leads to misunderstandings in the body’s coordination of functions, significantly impacting crucial physiological processes.


Inflammation is the body’s natural response to injury or infection. It’s like the body’s alarm system, signaling that something is wrong and needs attention. In youth, acute inflammation plays a crucial role in healing wounds and protecting against infections, functioning like a well-coordinated first- responder team. However, as we age, the story changes. Chronic inflammation becomes more prevalent, resembling a false alarm that never stops ringing. This ongoing inflammation leads to tissue damage. In essence, while inflammation is a helpful tool in the body’s toolbox, when it becomes chronic, it turns into a double-edged sword, contributing to an accelerated aging process and associated with every known form of chronic disease.