Advanced Holistic Testing

Micronutrient Deficiency Test

Are You In Control Of Your Health, Or Are Your Nutritional Deficiencies Controlling You?

When it comes to micronutrient deficiency, studies of the American diet reveal sub-optimal intake levels of much-needed micronutrients that may prevent degenerative disease. Studies further show that the American diet is inundated with environmental carcinogens, toxins in the food supply, toxins in our water like antidepressant and birth control pills, overly processed foods, pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, and other overwhelmingly damaging substances that we don’t even know about.

Food Sensitive Testing

Our immune system is like a double-edged sword. It protects us against bacteria, viruses, parasites and other harmful invaders. Unfortunately, exposure to common foods can trigger chronic activation of the immune system. This creates a cascade of inflammation or as we call in the medical field “inflam-aging” that can lead to a variety of health problems. Symptoms can show up hours or days after consuming a particular food. This makes it impossible to connect the dots and tell which food is causing your health issue. At the Medical Health Institute, we can help you identify the foods causing you to feel sluggish, groggy, your weight goals impossible to achieve. We do this with our food sensitivity test – The Alcat Test.


DNA Telomere Testing Slow Down Aging And Start Living At Your Optimal Best

Telomeres are segments of DNA at the end of each chromosome that serve as a protective cap to your genetic material. Every time our cells replicate and divide it causes our telomeres to shorten, and shorter telomeres mean a shorter life span for our cells. How fast or slow cells divide has to do with a person’s lifestyle and pre-genetic dispositions. Fortunately, today we can test, evaluate and determine telomere length through DNA Telomere testing.

What Is The MTHFR Gene?

Gene Mutation, Health, Fertility And Why You Should Absolutely Be Testing

More than 50% of people are affected by genetic mutations in the methylation pathway. Methylation plays an essential role in many chronic diseases. By understanding your genetics, you can prevent and address these conditions with the right nutrition and pharmaceutical supplementation guided by our doctor. You only have to test for this once to see if you have one or the two mutations C677T and/or A1289C


Omega 3:6 Brain Blood Test Omega Check: Brain + Heart Health

The Omega 3:6 Test is a vital part of our advanced holistic testing. Having the correct fatty acids in your body, and more importantly the correct ratio can change the way you feel drastically. Learn more about our Omega 3, Omega 6 Brain Blood Test below.


Pathway Fit Your Genetic Fitness Profile

Pathway Fit® nutrigenomic (genetic fitness) profile provides you with an individualized report full of powerful information. This information helps you to understand how your genetics and lifestyle may interact with your diet, nutrition, and exercise. With your genetic fitness profile information, you will be able to gain insight into how your body processes sugars, fats, nutrients, and vitamins. What’s more, Pathway Fit® will tell you how your body responds to exercise, and what type of diet you should be following to maintain a healthy weight. Start living smarter, not harder with a Genetic Fitness Profile today.

Heavy Metals Testing

Hair Toxicity & Essential Elements Test

Hair Elements analysis provides information regarding recent and ongoing exposure to potentially toxic metals, especially methyl-mercury and arsenic, and time-averaged status of specific nutrient elements. Scalp hair is easy to sample, and because it grows an average of one to two cm per month, it contains a “temporal record” of element metabolism and exposure to toxic elements. Toxic elements may be 200 to 300 times more highly concentrated in hair than in blood or urine. Therefore, hair is the tissue of choice for detection of recent exposure to elements such as arsenic, aluminum, cadmium, lead, antimony and mercury. The CDC acknowledges the value of hair mercury levels as a maternal and infant marker for exposure to neuro-toxic methyl-mercury from fish. Nutrient elements including magnesium, chromium, zinc, copper and selenium are obligatory co-factors for hundreds of important enzymes and also are essential for the normal functions of vitamins. The levels of these elements in hair are correlated with levels in organs and other tissues. After your heavy metals testing, metals can be detoxed in a variety of ways. Some include chelation through an IV using EDTA which is available at both of our Miami locations.


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