Your All-Star Health Optimization & Longevity Team

In a landscape dominated by the “big big pharma” model, many practitioners have been led astray from their original Hippocratic pledge. This diversion has, regrettably, stripped the essence of the ‘healer’s spirit’ out of most practitioners.

The core of the Hippocratic oath revolves around three fundamental tenets:
So what sets us apart? It’s simple. Our team “eats, lives, and breathes” the optimization lifestyle. For each of us, this has been both a journey, and a way of life, long before we had the fortune and privilege of calling it our profession. Bringing together a team of individuals who are genuinely devoted to their craft and deeply committed to patients’ well-being and outcomes is no small feat. Genuine passion, unwavering dedication, and patient-centered service are very hard to find. Yet, it is these essential qualities that drive our team.

Allow us to introduce you to our optimization & longevity team, and the faces behind these principles.
Dr. Rudolph Eberwein, M.D.

  Male Medical director – Internal Medicine &
Hormone/Peptide Specialist
APRN Massiel Alfonso

Female Hormone & Peptide Specialist
Dr. Amy Wecker, M.D.

Female Medical Director – Infectious Disease &
Hormone/Peptide Specialist
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