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Celergen cell therapy is a Swiss scientific anti-aging supplement that uses marine live-cell nutrition to thwart and reduce signs of aging. It is created through patented cold-process DNA extraction and is non-injectable, non-prescription, and non-pharmaceutical. Celergen supplements facilitate essential proteins into the bloodstream and brain to promote improved cellular activity. It has been clinically proven to stimulate your body’s natural ability to heal and regenerate itself. This non-injectable cell therapy treatment triggers the rejuvenation of individual cells. This renewal process is critical, helping to keep the body’s tissues and organs in optimal health. As a result, by repairing and replacing dead and damaged cells, Celergen helps combat the aging process by extending youth, and enhancing your vitality. It is the 1st approved oral cell therapy in the U.S.

Main Components Of Celergen Cell Therapy

Celergen cell therapy has been formulated in Switzerland and manufactured to rigorous pharmaceutical-grade standards in an FDA-compliant laboratory. Its effectiveness stems from innovative advancements in the field of marine cell therapy. One of Celergen’s primary ingredients is a proprietary BIO DNA Cellular Marine Complex. This DNA complex is extracted from the DNA of deep-sea marine life. In addition, marine life is made to sure be living in pollution-free, deep ocean waters and free of heavy metals. Celergen is able to offset the effects of premature aging, combat age-related degenerative diseases, and boost human immune systems. Other ingredients include Peptide E Collagen, which reinforces skin elasticity. And lastly, Hydro MN Peptide, which plays a critical role in the rejuvenation of cartilage.

Benefits of Celergen Cell Therapy

Bio Dna Cellular Marine Complex

It is a super anti-oxidant specifically designed to act as a protective agent against cell
oxidative aggression, increase energy, and stamina.

Double Enteric-coated Softgel Capsules

Fortified with special double-enteric coated soft gels and strengthened by the brand’s
superior Anti-Reflux Technology. It forms a transport mechanism for all of the placenta’s goodness, directly to the core of your body. Whether they are at the stomach or the intestine, these high-tech soft gels can effectively prevent acid-alkaline digestion in both areas.
As a result, this ensures optimal absorption in the gastrointestinal tracts for maximum rejuvenation.

Peptide E Collagen

The results have shown an increase of the entire epidermis hydration after an oral administration of Celergen’s PEPTIDE E COLLAGEN over a period of 3 months. In addition, it has also been shown that PEPTIDE E COLLAGEN helps improve bone density in people suffering from protein malnutrition and joint diseases. Celergen also aids in building hair thickness with people experiencing hair thinning and alopecia.

HYDRO MN Peptide

Plays a critical role in the regeneration of cartilage, treatment of osteoarthritis and improves the bio-dynamic of the skin. It is also a Glycemic Index (GI) lowering peptide and has been clinically proven in reducing the glycemic response of Carbohydrates by 37%. These carbs would otherwise be converted into fat that accumulates in our bodies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlike other cell therapies, which involve injections, Celergen comes in an enteric-coated soft-shell capsule that is taken orally. Other supplements are often manufactured using extreme heat, which destroys many of the nutrients in the active ingredients. On the other hand, Celergen uses Swiss Proprietary Cold Extraction Technology. As a result, this guarantees that its DNA cellular extracts achieve the highest degree of potency. Celergen’s bio-active ingredients are bound to peptides, which escort the micronutrients through the intestines and into the bloodstream. They then go to work immediately and are able to restore and rejuvenate individual cells.

Studies performed on Celergen were conducted by BIO-HC Laboratories. BIO-HC is an independent French-based firm and one of Europe’s largest and most comprehensive research centers. These studies included more than 2,300 clinical human subjects using double-blind placebo methods. In addition, over 25 years of physician and patient treatment outcomes are part of a growing body of evidence showing that Celergen’s groundbreaking approach to cell therapy relieves a variety of symptoms associated with growing older. Studies also show that Celergen stimulates the body’s natural healing and rejuvenating powers.

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