DNA Telomere Test

Telomeres are segments of DNA at the end of each chromosome that serve as a protective cap to your genetic material. Every time our cells replicate and divide it causes our telomeres to shorten, and shorter telomeres mean a shorter life span. How fast or slow cells divide has to do with a person’s lifestyle and pre-genetic dispositions. Fortunately, today we can test, evaluate, and determine your telomere length through DNA telomere testing. Slow down the aging process and start living at your optimal best. Know the facts of the life-cycle and health of your inner body–cells!

How Do I Get My DNA Telomere Blood Test Done

From an amateur athlete, executive, or superstar mom, the demand for staying at the top of your game requires a unique competitive advantage. Our individualized approach focuses on optimizing cellular nutrition and performance. When we push ourselves to our physical and mental limits, our cells are what propels us toward our goals. When cells perform optimally—absorbing, metabolizing, repairing, building—you will feel it. While recognizing the importance of macronutrients— protein, carbohydrates, and fats—micronutrients are often overlooked. Micronutrients can give our cells a quantum leap forward in terms of performance. The cumulative effect of that is strength, speed, memory recall, endurance, and focus—the hallmarks of an exceptionally healthy individual. Micronutrient testing and identifying exactly what supplementation you need at a cellular level is an essential tool against the aging process. Call our Miami, Florida location today and get tested.
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