Enhance Your Sexual Performance and Boost Your Confidence with Shockwave Therapy for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED) can affect many men approaching their golden years, but there are alternative solutions to mitigating its effects. Surgery, injections, or prescription medications can help you overcome ED symptoms but can be uncomfortable and ridden with side effects. However, a promising treatment conducted by medical professionals is shockwave therapy for ED. The process involves using low-intensity shock waves toward your genitals in order to stimulate more blood flow to the penis, helping to achieve better erections during sex. 

At Medical Health Institute, we’re a specialized. 

ED medical center

 offering safe treatments to patients looking for a safe, non-invasive way to deal with erectile dysfunction. While the research for its efficacy is still ongoing and patients may have different experiences, we want to encourage you to explore your options and consider shockwave therapy treatment for your own benefit.

To help you understand how the process helps with your ED, we’ll go over some causes of the condition, why shockwave therapy is a great alternative to surgery and some of the benefits it has had on individuals. 

What Are Some Of The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction often results from a number of health problems and/or emotional issues. A specific cause is still unclear, but research has shown that aging plays a contributing factor to the condition because of the low hormones your body produces as it ages. 

Other known risk factors for erectile dysfunction include high blood sugar due to diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and cardiovascular disease. Other habits that can lead to ED range from smoking, excessive drug or alcohol use, obesity, and lack of exercise. Although old age and bodily inactivity may lead to more ED symptoms, they aren’t always the lead cause for the condition. Men can generally stay sexually active into their 80s, but ED may be a more serious sign of an incoming health issue. 

Shockwave therapy treatment is one innovative treatment that is important in combating ED symptoms. Finding and treating the root problem of your ED is a crucial first step in our methods and we’ll explain how it’s more beneficial than traditional surgery. 

Why is Shockwave Therapy a Beneficial Alternative to Surgery?

Shockwave therapy is still a relatively new medical treatment used to treat a male’s erectile dysfunction symptoms. Some patients start to feel improvements after a few treatment sessions while others may have minimal effects from the treatment. Regardless of the outcomes, the technology is steadily evolving and offers patients more flexibility and benefit than undergoing standard surgery. The shockwave therapy process provides minimal to no pain when conducted and patients have reported no effects as well. There’s also a relatively quick recovery time and less discomfort than traditional surgery. 

Shockwave therapy utilizes special energy pulses similar to low-intensity sound waves to help open up your penile shaft and allow for more blood flow in the area. It’s delivered with a special wand-like medical device that directs the sound wave energy to the targeted area. Patients will be told first to remove their clothing below the waist and be applied with a gel-like substance around the specified area. A doctor or medical professional will then move the wand over the shaft of the penis, focusing the sound wave energy on the penis’s arteries and corpora cavernosa. As a result, more blood will flow towards the area, potentially leading to erection improvement. 

While patients won’t feel any pain or discomfort afterward, some minor tingling sensations, skin to your hand or foot falling asleep, may still occur. If you’re not feeling well or yourself afterward, we strongly encourage you to let us know and consult with us before you leave treatment. Otherwise, the chance of major risks or complications from the treatment has shown to be extremely rare and unlikely. 

Shockwave therapy treatment can take under a half-hour to complete in each treatment session. With no downtime or recovery afterward, it’s a very convenient treatment for men looking for alternative options to overcome ED. Patients can feel the full effects of the treatment in around 12 visits, but some may require more if necessary. That being said, shockwave therapy carries many benefits for male patients looking to deal with their ED. 

What Are Some of The Benefits of Shockwave Therapy? 

In addition to being low-risk, painless, non-invasive, and void of any recovery time, shockwave therapy treatment can benefit male patients in a variety of ways.  

An obvious benefit of a successful treatment session is the ability to achieve harder, long-lasting erections during sexual intercourse. It requires the right planning and timing since ED treatments like prescriptions only resolve the onset symptoms of the condition. Shockwave therapy can improve sexual performance, self-confidence, and intimacy with your partner. 

If you want to avoid medications, side effects, or lackluster results from ED treatment, then shockwave therapy treatment may be the right alternative treatment for you. Contact us at Medical Health Institute today to learn more about the treatment and help improve your ED symptoms now. 

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