Estrogen Treatment For Women In Miami

Many women, and even some doctors, are basing fears of estrogen treatment on outdated research and are underutilizing estrogen when it is safe and indicated to ease menopausal symptoms in women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s. The risks and problems are when administering synthetic estrogens which have been proven to increase a woman’s chances of disease like breast cancer and heart disease, though that has been disproven using bio-identical estrogen treatment.

What is Estrogen

From an amateur athlete, executive, or superstar mom, the demand for staying at the top of your game requires a unique competitive advantage. Our individualized approach focuses on optimizing cellular nutrition and performance. When we push ourselves to our physical and mental limits, our cells are what propels us toward our goals. When cells perform optimally—absorbing, metabolizing, repairing, building—you will feel it. While recognizing the importance of macronutrients— protein, carbohydrates, and fats—micronutrients are often overlooked. Micronutrients can give our cells a quantum leap forward in terms of performance. The cumulative effect of that is strength, speed, memory recall, endurance, and focus—the hallmarks of an exceptionally healthy individual. Micronutrient testing and identifying exactly what supplementation you need at a cellular level is an essential tool against the aging process. Call our Miami, Florida location today and get tested.

Common Signs & Symptoms Estrogen Deficiency

Understanding How To Test For Low Testosterone

We hope that you could agree that one size does not fit all, and why it’s so crucial that we customize each treatment for each patient with a proper complete blood work analysis. So, before starting you on a hormonal replacement/optimization treatment or if you are already on treatment, and your doctor is not ordering all of the blood test panels we look for, we would ask you to consider his overall expertise in the field of regenerative and hormone replacement/optimization treatment.

Once you read what each hormone’s roles are in your body, you will understand why complete blood work like ours is absolutely invaluable to your well-being. Our blood work is by far the most comprehensive blood test you can order. We are sincerely watching out for our patient’s best interests at all times.

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