International Peptide Society Conference

International Peptide Society Conference

Thanks to the advancement of optimization medicine, we finally have the biotechnology to extend our lives and use it to reverse or control the effects of aging. Through peptides, we give the body the ability to do what it did well when we were younger as we age. Peptides aren’t about cheating the health code or enhancing performance, they are about repairing and restoring our bodies–they can completely change every aspect of our health. We know peptide optimization therapy is the future of medicine, and we want to make sure we are at the forefront of this movement and cutting-edge technology because peptides have literally zero side effects with life-changing benefits.

Every year we attend the International Peptide Society Conference and have had the pleasure of meeting and speaking to Dr. William Seeds, the International Peptide Society Conference founder and the einstein behind the peptide space. We believe that “ongoing education” is the key to our practice success and why our patients are so happy with the outcome of their peptide treatments. We not only continue to advance our education for our patients, but we also do it for ourselves because our entire team is on peptide and hormone therapy. We love to stay at the cutting edge of this medical technology because if we can improve our therapy results, the better we can help our patients thrive in their health journey.cumulates in our bodies.

Our Peptide Treatment Menu

Peptide treatments are our substitute for the typical human growth hormone “HGH” cookie-cutter regimens other clinics use and it is ALL in the dose prescribed!

Peptides are tricky because if administered in the wrong doses IT WILL oversaturate the body’s receptor sites canceling out their effects.

You can oversaturate a receptor by taking too much of a dose or too long of a peptide treatment course. This is why it is so crucial to be with a doctor that truly understands the science behind peptides and so you don’t make a bad investment. We understand this is an important step for you and that the results you may have heard about or seen can be very enticing and they should be!

Peptide protocols, DONE CORRECTLY, can make a world of difference in your longevity and vitality.
We encourage all of our patients to educate themselves because we believe that the more you understand the subject, the more comfortable and thrilled you will feel about embarking on this amazing form of therapy.

Since we know most of you have busy life schedules, we made the information simple and easy to follow. We also back up our peptide menu with scientifically backed up research from prestigious medical journals so that you understand this is not anecdotal knowledge but research-based information. So, if you would like a list of all the peptides we specialize in, submit your information and simply request our peptide menu.

The Six Hallmarks Of Aging Affected By Sub-Optimal NAD Levels

Peptides are injected into the body fat, subcutaneously. This is done using the smallest needle available, similar to what a person with diabetes uses to inject insulin. Injections are initially prescribed every night and sometimes twice a day, but over time, they are decreased in frequency. However, this will be assessed by one of our peptide-specialized physicians.

These GHRP’s have been discontinued due to side effects like uncontrollable hunger pangs, hot flashes, sleepiness, and headaches. We now use newer peptides that are much more effective and provide better results. For optimal results, the latest research shows that it is best to use a GHRP along with a GHRH. We can explain this in detail in your consultation with one of our doctors.

HGH-like peptides are excreted from the brain and body quickly so they must be injected on a daily and nightly basis. The benefits can be seen as early as eight weeks into treatment. Initial immediate effects include significant improvement in REM sleep, mental sharpness, and memory retention. However, to experience complete physical effects, these peptide treatments should be taken continuously for eight to twelve weeks. Peptides are not good to use on a long-term basis because they can oversaturate the body’s receptor sites canceling out their effects. You can oversaturate a receptor by taking too much of a dose or too long of a peptide treatment. This is why it is so crucial to be with a doctor that truly understands the science behind peptides and so you don’t make a bad investment.

 Once optimal growth hormone levels are achieved, they can be sustained with a rotational-like peptide protocol of growth hormone-inducing peptides. If you are insulin resistant, growth hormone-inducing peptides will not be a good fit for you until your insulin and A1C have been restored to healthy levels. This is because growth hormone “IGF-1” and insulin hormone compete for the same receptor site so if you have high insulin levels, the medication will spend most of its time trying to shunt the effects of high insulin and A1C blood serum levels. However, this will be determined through follow-up blood work and the patient’s feedback during a peptide treatment.

Yes, but not in the sense that it will cause any harmful effects. You will simply lose the effectiveness of the medication. In comparison to injectable human growth hormone “HGH”, peptides are safer, more affordable, and can be just as effective, but they can also be useless if the receptor site is overstimulated. Our endocrine system can safely regulate, through a negative feedback loop, the amount of growth hormone released by the pituitary and hypothalamus gland. This results in zero overloads to the system and increased safety.  You cannot overdose from peptides, but if you overstimulate the receptors, you will desensitize and misuse your investment.

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