MHI Health And HRT Book Collection

Living an optimized life and getting the results you want requires more than just taking a pill. Here at M.H.I, we believe education is the key to fully integrating living an optimized lifestyle.

Understanding what you’re doing, and more importantly, WHY you’re doing it, will not only reinforce you as you go through the ups and downs of your journey, but it will keep you striving to push yourself to the next level…and in the process, even impress your loved ones with how much you know! We just emailed you our recommended book list. These are the best educational resources we have found on various topics in the health optimization field. We’d like to make you a pro with us! So Take your time and enjoy them!
In this video, Carlos and Dr. Rudy Eberwein explain the benefits of reading these health/hormone books and how they could significantly improve your health journey. Nothing is more POWERFUL than being an empowered and educated patient. These books will help you further improve and maximize your overall results.

Readers Are Leaders Book Collection

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