Theralogix: Empowering Fertility In A Changing World

Navigating the realm of fertility can be a complex and daunting journey, especially as environmental toxins continue to pose unprecedented challenges for millions of couples worldwide. Recent studies have uncovered a disturbing trend, with over 52% of sperm markers declining in men globally. Similarly, women’s ovarian reserves and egg health have been significantly compromised by these environmental factors.

In the face of these growing concerns, Theralogix emerges as a beacon of hope and empowerment with ethical and quality products to aid you in this complex journey. Our personal experience with Theralogix has been nothing short of remarkable

Meet Fellow - "At-Home" Sperm Analysis Test

Fellow sperm test is a validated, patent-pending, and peer-reviewed at-home semen analysis test with the option to cryopreserve your viable sperm. Adding cryopreservation to your semen analysis kit protects your fertility for as long as you need. Here are a few reasons why you may want to store your sample.

1) Our doctor recommended it to you
2) To ensure your healthiest sperm for your future
3) You’re not planning on having kids for years
4) You’re planning on getting a vasectomy
5) in a high-risk environment like military or exposed to chemicals that impact fertility
6) You’re undergoing a medical procedure or treatment that will reduce your fertility, like chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

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