Oral Peptides Available

Oral Peptides Available

Peptides are also known as “secretagogues”, which are natural secretagogues or derivatives of growth hormone. They stimulate the brain’s pituitary and hypothalamus gland to pulsate the release of more natural growth hormones. As we age, our growth hormone production drastically slows down and this process is known as somatopause. With the help of peptide secretagogues, you can stimulate the liver and brain to produce the release of growth hormone just about the same amount produced in your early twenties. There are about 7,000 naturally occurring peptide reactions in our bodies daily. Both peptides and proteins are made up of strings of the body’s basic building blocks – amino acids – and held together by peptide bonds. In basic terms, the difference is that peptides are made up of smaller chains of amino acids than proteins. We can look at peptides as calculus in math, while hormones are the algebra of math.

We’ve seen some solid & positive results taking oral peptides. For those who do not like injecting, we are now offering oral peptides in troche or (RDT) rapid dissolve tablet form, which both dissolve under the tongue. Below are the new variations we have started using in our practice.

ipamorelin/sermorelin/Cjc-1295 (250mcg/500mcg/100mcg) RDT

Sermorelin/Theanine (0.3/2.5mg) RDT

aod9604 (500mcg) RDT

pt-141 (2000mcg) RDT

ipamorelin/cjc (300mcg/170mcg) troche 

ipamorelin (300mcg) troche 

sermorelin (400mcg) troche

aod (600iu) troche

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