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Navigating sexual treatments requires a delicate approach due to their personal nature. The influence of performance concerns on the mind can often worsen the issue. At MHI, this has been a challenge that has hit close to home. Recognizing the deeply personal nature of sexual dysfunction we’ve crafted a strategic approach that begins with the most accessible solutions, aiming to tackle the issue from its core and then, if needed, progress through a ladder of treatments.

Nitric Oxide

Nitric Oxide, a key molecule in human health in general, plays a crucial role in enhancing sexual function and longevity. Specifically to sexual wellness, this essential molecule acts as a signaling agent, facilitating increased blood flow to the genital area. It achieves this by relaxing and dilating blood vessels, allowing for improved circulation and engorgement of the penis. This mechanism is vital for achieving and sustaining erections. While Nitric Oxide is naturally produced by the body, we lose at least 50% by the time we are 40 years old, which is a significant loss. With the increasing use and popularity of PD5 inhibiting prescription medications like Cialis(Tadalafil) or Viagra, it’s important to understand that these medications DEPEND on the presence of proper nitric oxide in order to work. For simplicity, Nitric Oxide turns the switch on, PD5 inhibitors keep the switch on.

PD5 Inhibitors

PD5 inhibitors, commonly known as Viagra (sildenafil) or Cialis (Tadalafil), are medications commonly used for men’s health. Pd5 inhibitors offer a gentle and effective approach to enhancing sexual function while potentially providing longevity benefits. Designed to assist men in overcoming challenges related to erectile dysfunction, these medications provide a helping hand when needed. By promoting increased blood flow to certain areas, it helps achieve and maintain erections, ultimately supporting a satisfying and confident intimate experience. Moreover, some studies suggest that the improved blood circulation associated with Cialis (tadalafil) might have positive effects on overall cardiovascular health. A healthy cardiovascular system is often linked to longevity, making Cialis (Tadalafil) not only a reassuring choice for men looking to enhance their sexual well-being but also potentially offering benefits that extend to their overall health and longevity. It’s a tool that aims to bring comfort, confidence, and the potential for a longer, healthier life into this crucial area of life.

Penile Ring

Venous leak, also known as venous insufficiency, accounts for more than 70% of ED cases. Venous leakage is a condition where the veins in the penis struggle to retain blood during an erection. This results in difficulty maintaining a firm erection because blood flows out of the penis too quickly which can lead to challenges with sexual function and performance. For further information on our #1 recommendation.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave is a proven technology that improves sexual performance, treats ED and keeps the penis healthy. Shockwave uses pulse waves to stimulate the increase in blood flow to the penis and will benefit men looking to enhance their sexual performance. As you age, the blood vessels in your penis break down and by applying shockwave therapy to the penile tissue, it results in improved blood flow, with stronger and more sustainable erections. This non-invasive procedure can yield results and benefits that endure for years. For further information on our #1 at-home-device recommendation.


Unlike Viagra and other related PDE5 inhibitor medications like Cialis (Tadalafil), this peptide does not act upon the vascular system. Rather, it directly increases sexual desire via the nervous system. First approved to treat sexual arousal disorder in women, it is also used to treat erectile dysfunction or impotence in men with great success. Because it can be used by both men and women, PT-141 offers the potential for erotic intimate experiences with our partner.

For further sexual peptide treatments refer to our peptide menu on the peptide section.

Testosterone Optimization Therapy

One of the remarkable advantages of TRT is its ability to address the natural decline in testosterone levels, which can profoundly influence a man’s libido and sexual function. By replenishing testosterone levels through precise protocols, TRT effectively revitalizes hormonal balance, leading to increased energy, improved mood, and a revitalized sex drive. Anticipate not only enhanced sexual performance but also a renewed sense of confidence and vitality. Men’s TRT offers a path to reigniting passion, fostering a deeper connection with your partner, and embracing a more satisfying and fulfilling lifestyle. TRT offers transformational therapy that sets the stage for an exciting journey towards rediscovering your peak potential and embracing a thriving intimate life.


Trimix is a specialized treatment within men’s health that offers a discreet and effective method for enhancing sexual function. This carefully formulated solution is specifically designed to address challenges related to erectile dysfunction. Administered via injection directly into the penile tissue, Trimix swiftly and reliably promotes increased blood flow to the required areas. This mechanism facilitates the achievement and maintenance of erections, leading to a fulfilling and confident intimate experience. By providing direct stimulation and support, Trimix offers a tailored solution for those seeking to optimize their sexual health. It’s a choice that aims to bring confidence, and the potential for a more satisfying experience.

Penile Implant

A penile implant represents the final option within the spectrum of men’s sexual treatments. While it may seem daunting, this solution is remarkably reliable, boasting a satisfaction rate of 98%. It’s important to note that we don’t directly conduct this procedure ourselves. For trusted sources and providers, refer to our “MHI RECOMMENDS” section.

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