Targeted Supplementation

Do We Really Need Supplements?

In a straightforward manner–it depends what kind of quality of life you want to have.

Every week, we witness numerous individuals facing not just hormonal imbalances, but more crucially, chronic deficiencies in the fundamental building blocks of health: vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, amino acids, and many more. These essentials are non-negotiable for our bodies to mend, rejuvenate, and function optimally, enabling us to effectively handle the daily stresses of life. Without them, our bodies start to break down from the wear-and-tear and end up in a condition we call “getting old”.

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Unveiling The Truth:
The Myth About Nutrition
From Food

​It’s a common belief that our nutritional needs can be met solely through diet.
Regrettably, the blunt truth is this: scientific evidence has left no room for doubt that over the past century, our planet’s soils have witnessed a staggering decline of more than 80% in micronutrient levels. Please take a moment to pause and reflect on this fact. This means that even when we strive to consume “organic” produce, the reality still remains – our meals deliver a mere 20% of the nutrient richness that our ancestors just 100 years ago enjoyed.

The New Equation Of Nourishment: A Greater Demand For Modern Bodies

In today’s world, the equation has shifted dramatically. Modern humans find themselves consuming 2-3 times (or even more) the amount of food our ancestors required for their basic needs. While our individuality remains, the biological principles governing our bodies are all the same. We all require oxygen, share the ability to bleed, and also share the universal necessity for essential vitamins and minerals. These fundamental elements are key to optimizing our bodily functions and managing the natural effects of aging.

As we embark on the quest for optimal well-being, it becomes imperative for our culture to confront the stark reality of our modern food supply.
For perspective, here are just a few examples of of how our ancestors of the past lived:
Let’s be clear, advocating for a return to primitive living is not our intention. The remarkable strides in modern technology, from electricity to plastics and beyond, have undoubtedly enriched our lives and enhanced our efficiency as a species. However, it’s vital to consider the trade-offs.

Here’s the truth: our ancestral and contemporary worlds are vastly different. No individual on this planet today lives anywhere near the lifestyle of our forebears. The average person today spends more than 50% of the day sitting, consuming lab-engineered food that is not only astronomically high in calories, but nutrient depleted and toxin lazed.

Unless you’re cultivating your own food, tending to an untainted garden, accessing pure mineral-enriched water, embracing ample sunlight, sidestepping EDCs & EMFs, while grounding ourselves on a daily basis– essentially, if you live in a bustling metropolis – then supplements are an unequivocal requirement for you.

Final Thought: Understanding The Role Of Supplements

Remember this key insight: the term “NUTRITIONAL SUPPLEMENTS” holds significant meaning. These supplements serve as a bridge, addressing the gaps in our contemporary nutrition. Supplements are to be considered food rather than medications. They play a CRUCIAL role in our well being. Rather than relying on pharmaceuticals within a healthcare system that often neglects preventative measures and in some ways encourages lack of self-care, we are embracing natural remedies to restore our well-being. Dive into the realm of targeted supplementation and pave the way for your body’s optimal performance!
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