Hormone Optimization with TRT Guru Jay Campbell!

Human beings are not only plagued by the non-stop war against our biological systems, but we are also dealing with fear, low self-esteem, loneliness and other negative emotions. Why is this negative stuff just as dangerous to our health as the biological issues? Why are the emotional effects of Erectile Dysfunction? What is the underlying root ideology of fear, and how do we overcome it? On this episode, I talk to Miguel Bertonatti, wellness specialist and clinical director of Miami’s number 1 optimization clinic, The Medical Health Institute. He shares on optimizing ourselves beyond the physical.

When we internalize our stress and low self-esteem issues, it starts to affect us biochemically.  If we give our bodies what they need, they would never break down. When we optimize our metabolic, neurological pathways, our bodies won’t be set up to get sick. Identifying, connecting, and surrendering to God can have a profound impact on us, how we feel about ourselves and navigating this world.

Hormone Optimization Intro

At the start of the show, Miguel shared his story and how his health issues led him down the path of helping people. Next, we talked about how widespread the testosterone deficiency epidemic is, and why the media sensationalizes and demonizes the use of therapeutic hormonal optimization. Jay and Miguel discussed why that has a lot to do with money and trying to instill fear in us. We talked about relentless education and how technology, social media, and other distractions have made people lazy.

Other subjects also discussed:

  • How ED affects self-esteem
  • The one common denominator in people who value their health
  • Vulnerability, masculinity and the importance of having someone to talk to
  • Tools to improve spirituality

Once you read what each hormone’s roles are in your body, you will understand why complete blood work like ours is absolutely invaluable to your well-being. Our blood work is by far the most comprehensive blood test you can order. We are sincerely watching out for our patient’s best interests at all times.

HRT Podcast With Jay Campbell

The truth about the world we live in today is that we have to use multiple vehicles to achieve optimum health. Testosterone and hormone optimization is not the only tool that can address our problems because we also need to deal with our emotional and mental health and make sure we are educated, informed and enlightened in everything we do. Optimization isn’t just a hormone or biochemical change; it’s a lifestyle overhaul which will shatter the whole sick care model as we know it.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Specialists

Miguel Bertonatti

Miguel is a wellness & BHRT specialist and the clinical director at The Medical Health Institute. He has been in practice for ten years helping patients attain optimal health without using conventional medicine. Go to Medical Health Institute for more information.

Jay Campbell

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Jay Campbell is the International Best Selling author of four change-making books in the optimization health care space. The 2019 release and master treatise on Fat Loss, Guaranteed Shredded, The 2018 release and #1 overall Men’s Health book, The Testosterone Optimization Therapy Bible: The Ultimate Guide to Living a Fully Optimized Life. The 2017 IF masterpiece, The Metabolic Blowtorch Diet-The Ultimate Guide for Optimizing Intermittent Fasting: Burn Fat, Preserve Muscle, Enhance Focus, and Transform Your Health. The 2015 released and #1 5 Star Rated book of all time on TRT/TOT, THE Definitive Testosterone Replacement Therapy MANual: How To Optimize Your Testosterone For Lifelong Health and Happiness.

Jay is also the Founder of TOTRevolution.com and the globally recognized TOT Revolution and Optimized Life Podcasts. Both podcasts interview the top Optimization physicians and Subject Matter Experts who answer questions and provide their decades of experience to help Men and Women become fully optimized. It is considered by many the number one podcast for health and wellness. Jay also created OptimizedForever the world’s #1 premium group for optimizing hormones and long term health.

Jay is also a champion male physique competitor who along with his wife Monica co-founded FabFitOver40.com, the #1 site on the web for people who want high quality and scientifically backed information on staying fit above 40.

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