The Dangers of EMF Exposure

Intro To Dangers Of EMF

You probably did not know but there’s a hidden danger lurking in your home, at the gym, your office, and even in your pocket! As if there wasn’t enough in this world to worry about, it turns out that we’ve been foolishly dosing ourselves for a considerable length of time with a consistent blast of a wide scope of electromagnetic fields, regularly called EMF for short.

What Is Emf?

EMF is a form of radiation combined of both electric and magnetic fields. Electric fields are formed by voltage. When electrons travel through a wire, voltage is the force propelling them along, just as pressure is the force that moves water through a pipe. As the voltage increases, so does the electric field. So we measure the strength of an electric field in volts per meter (V/m). Electric currents form magnetic fields. Whereas voltage measures the strength of the flow of an electrical charge, current measures the frequency or rate of that flow past a point in an electric circuit. Magnetic fields are measured in microteslas (one-millionth of a tesla).

Radiation can be a scary word, so what does this mean exactly?

Well, there is a whole spectrum of electromagnetic radiation. The high-frequency end of the spectrum, which includes forms of radiation such as gamma rays, x-rays, and UV light are well known to possess ionizing properties that can damage tissues and DNA, causing burns, organ damage, and cancer. The EMF frequencies that we’re talking about generally live in the low-frequency range of the spectrum, ranging from 3 kilohertz (3 kHz, or 3,000 Hz) to 300 gigahertz (300 GHz, or 300 billion Hz).

Sources of EMF and the dangers of EMF

As it happens, most of the technology that we take for granted as part of the modern landscape is constantly exposing all of us to various strength electromagnetic fields.

According to the NIH (National Cancer Institute) – CLICK HERE, which you can see on their website, some of the top offenders include:

  • Cell phones
  • Wi-Fi networks
  • Overhead powerlines
  • Computers
  • Photocopiers
  • Any smart or Bluetooth enabled device
  • Televisions
  • Airplane travel
  • Baby monitors
  • Refrigerators
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Transformers

Any of those sound familiar? The point is, we are all being pretty much regularly exposed to some form or another of EMF.

How to protect myself from the dangers of EMF radiation

The good news is that some of your exposure risks is controllable. For starters, think about everything in your home or office that communicates wirelessly. While undoubtedly convenient, all of these devices give off much EMF radiation. If possible, consider switching from Bluetooth to hard-wired connections wherever possible.

Consider getting rid of your wifi, and switching to a hard-wired ethernet connection. Turn off devices when not in use, and switch your phone to airplane mode when possible, especially before bedtime. Many studies show how this affects your sleep, but we won’t get into that on this newsletter.

The biggest mistake we see people do is carry their cellphones in their pockets. Stop carrying your phone in your pocket! If you can’t resist so, then buy these EMF blocking underwear. However, so you’re well informed, the tissues most sensitive to EMF exposure include testicle (Gonadal) tissue, cardiac (heart) tissue, and our nervous system.

studies about the dangers of EMF

Here is the study to show you proof that EMF exposure has been shown to reduce sperm production and motility – CLICK HERE.

So, it’s almost impossible to eliminate EMF exposure completely. Airplane travel alone subjects you to very high levels of EMF exposure. And cell phone use has also been correlated with some pretty nasty consequences, from brain issues to cancer. For more info on these studies – CLICK HERE.

5G Technology And The Dangers Of EMF

As the wireless networks increasingly switch over to a 5G network, the levels of ambient electromagnetic frequency radiation are only going to increase and worsen. So, all you can do is reduce as much as you can your exposure to these EMF’s on a daily basis and only use your devices as needed. It would be ideal if you can disconnect your home wifi at night which would significantly help you get a better night rest. In addition, there are companies that specialize in shielding your home from harmful EMF’s, and could set up your wifi as a light switch, so at night you can shut off your entire home’s wifi. Small details like this go a long way because this silent killer is more serious than we understand it yet, and we haven’t had it long enough to know the long term effects it has on our health and well-being.

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